Blackdong V4

This update of Blackdong includes even more changes:

  • jeep tires and ball vehicle are now pine trees.

  • magic carpet model is now better

  • new particles/emotes

  • skyboxes now look amazing

  • jeeps are now submitted to the laws of torque physics

  • fixed broken/non displaying textures

 Blackdong V3

This update of Blackdong includes a lot of changes:

  • most menus were entirely remade or text was modified to finally look good​

  • new Jungle music

  • Slopes map was remade to be better than ever

  • proper redirections on "buy now"

  • credits and help changed

  • new synth sounds thanks to Blockteen

 Blackdong V2


 Blackdong V1


Blackdong V1 is now available on ... NOT STEAM

blackdong has been in development for one day and a half and we are proud to announce that we are going to release it for free without badspot's approval.


the latest update for Blockdong features Minions!

  •  brickTOP

there's also a lot more references that you've probably not seen yet!! !!!111

Download Blackdong V3

 Blackdong Trailer 2016-2017

blackdong is no longer a virgin